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Our Products : High Pressure Laminated HPL Board, MDF supplier, Direct printed decorative fibreboard, particleboard & printed chipboard
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Wood Panel Company

Direct Printing on Wood Panel

PT. Perintis Papan Prima is a private wood panel trading company located in Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia. We employ the new generation of direct printing technology on wood-based panels especially Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and Plywood.

Currently, As MDF decorative panel Indonesia and plywood wooden panneling company, our Printbord (Prinbord) is used extensively in the design and enhancement of a wide range of Interior design, Kitchen furniture and office furniture. Offering a variety of solid and wood-grain colours also it provides colour matches for specific colour requirements to tailor to individual needs, and it is Eco-friendly products which designed to minimize damage to the environment, eg by using biodegradable materials, Low Emision, etc

Printbord (Prinbord) is wood panel strongly recommended for any vertical application including drawer side and bottom, backer, shelf side and front, flush door and desks. They are a better and more cost-effective alternative to Veneered, Melamine or Polyester laminated boards. To some extent, they are also a more superior substitute to PVC or Paper overlay panels as the surface resistance quality of printed board is stonger than paper/PVC laminated boards. With our advanced, high performance  coating application, PrintBord’s surface property closely resembles that of melamine-faced panels.

Product Specification

PrinBord Substrate:

1. MDF (Recycled Mix Hardwood UF)
2. Particleboard (Recycled Mix Hardwood UF)
3. Plywood (Rotary Cut Mix Hardwood MR)

Standard Dimension

Thickness (MDF) 2.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm & 18mm
(Particleboard) 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm & 18mm
(Plywood)       2.5mm
Length & Width  1220 X 2440 & 915 X 2135 (for 3mm MDF only)

Distinguish Features of Printed Board:

Economical – Relatively lower price compare to veneer/melamine/polyester laminated board.
Ecological – All coating material is recycleable, with no formaldehyde emission.
Flexible – Colour & gloss can be adjustable to match virtually any surface.
Non-warping – Application on thick & thin substrates without requiring reverse side balancing.
Non-chipping on edge of work pieces during mechanical process.

Coating Material:

Formaldehyde Emission – None

Surface Resistance Properties

Flammability DIN 51960 5
Cross Cut & Removal EN ISO 2409 0
Scratch (ln N) EN 438-2.25 1-2N
Abrasion DIN 68861-2(CS 10) 2A
Stain Reistance
-Water (16 hrs)
-Coffee (16 hrs)
-Acetone (10 secs)
-BAC (10 secs)
-Cleaning Agent (1 hr)
-Alcohol (1 hr)
DIN 68861-1 5
Impact Resistance EN 438-2.20 10 N







Layer Construction:

-Filler Coat
-Base Coat
-Waterbone Printing Ink (3 colours)
-UV Top Coat


For DIN:  = 0 = Surface Destroy ; 5 = No visible change
For EN:    = 0 = No visible change ; 5 = Surface destroy

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