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Anti Cockroach – Anti Bugs

With a relentless passion to make PrinBord not just a product but to make a difference in the lives of all who use them, we pioneer a direct printed board with a difference.

Prinbord Anti Cockroach“A board that repels cockroaches?”

Yes, it is the world’s first direct printed and UV-lacquer coated wood panel that repels cockroaches. Innovative, intelligent and technologically advanced, it’s the answer to the cockroach problem.

“How does it work?”

The printed/lacquer surface is contact repellent. When a cockroach comes in contact or within 500mm close to the surface, the repellent compound stimulates the nerves of the cockroach and prevents it from resting or colonizing on the board.

Prinbord Anti Cockroach Slogan

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Contains no toxins to protect and keep you safe.


The repellent substance is an all natural compound derived from plants.


Meets the highest safety standards and is tested by a third party to ensure there is no harmful substances.


It has virtually no smell, making it especially suitable for kitchens.

Long Life Span.

Enjoy a 3-year warranty.


Comes in water and non-water resistance grades to suit your every use.


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